The Matchup of #1 Eastside Catholic (2-0) vs #4 Union (2-0) will be a matchup of the titans when they meet Friday night.

A Look into Eastside Catholic

Eastside Catholic is a star studded team with D1 prospects all over their roster. A couple athletes have jumped out to fast start for the crusaders. 5-star 2020 Athlete Gee Scott Jr is off to a blazing start averagin over 100+ yards a game and 2+ TD’s a game as well as Marcus Stoebner. On the ground a very talented sophomore has emerged class of 2020 RB Giovanni Ursino. On Defense Senior Malik Putney has been leading the charge at his safety position.

Keys to winning

The biggest Key for Eastside Catholic will be their front 7. Union is an RPO team that loves run read options with their QB. If Eastside Catholic can stop Lincoln victor on the group and make him one dimensional it will bode well for the crusaders.

The X Factor

The X Factor for Eastside Catholic will be Senior wide receiver David Pritchard. With a lot of the focus going towards national receuits in the class of 2020 Gee Scott Jr and DJ Rogers, the outside is where David can make his money, and give EC the edge.

A look into Union

Union is an up and coming team that has been looking forward to this matchup ever since it got put on their schedule. Leading Union on offense is their 3 headed monster in the class of 2019 in QB Lincoln Victor, RB JoJo Siofele, and 4-start WR Darien Chase. On defense the Titans are anchored by 2018 DE Zion Faaopega.

Keys to winning

For Union, the major key is to be ahead of the sticks, Union cannot be in 3rd and longs every drive especially against a caliber of defense of Eastside Catholic.

The X Factor

The X Factor for Union is Junior 4-start Wide Receiver Darien Chase. Chase who is new to Union this year brings union the downfield threat they’ve been looking for and if chase can live up to the hype, Union has a very real shot of taking EC down.

Bottom Line

For any fan thinking about heading to watch this game I suggest you do because there will be big time players all over the field.


This game will be a good one but I see Eastside Catholic winning 34-31.