NFL Combine Training

Prep Draft Class

  • Decrease 40 time by 0.2 seconds
  • Increase Vertical by 4 inches
  • Increase 225 Reps by 10 Reps

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New Facility!


  • 10,000 Sq Ft State-of-the-art facility
  • Indoor Speed Field Turf
  • Elite Training Equipment
  • #1 Sports Performance Facility in the Pacific Northwest

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Photos & Testimonials

  • Deshawn Shead, Seattle Seahawks
  • Reggie Jones, Minnesota Vikings
  • JT Leggin, Calgary Stampeders

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 Can't Leave the Night without competition!!!! If you know these EFC champions in this pick Tag them! They stayed focused tonight an helped their team to a clear cut win! #Squuuuuuuad!!!!!! #TeamFSP #EFC #SoccerTraining #SpeedAndAgility #YouthTraining #NoAgeLimitToGreatness #speedclinic  From looking at this Picture what class do you think puts in more work? Class of 2018 at the top an Class of 2019 at the bottom!!! Ooooh.. Not even close! #OutWorkYourCompettion #TeamFSP #StrengthTraining #InSeasonGrind @df_44 @hal_grant13 @isaiahifanse @carternicholson3 @jacob_nicholson18 @alex_beringer54 @cole88thomas @j_e4 @milespim40 @thebigzavs @stilessatterlee @jonathan_barthel @__calvin__y
 December 14th FSP an @l.d.e.t are hosting their 2nd an FINAL open try-out for the FSP 7on7 National Travel Team! The varsity try out is for classes 2016-2018 from 9am-12pm and our 7th & 8th grade team will be at 1pm-4pm. The varsity team will be competing for the last 17 man roster spot into training camp to make the final team!!! This team will have thee most elite players in our region if you think you are one of them sign up at www.gofordsports.com #TeamFSP #7v7 #SpeedNAgility #speed-training #StrengthNCondtioning #TeamHardWork  #MotivationMonday Being able to push past your normal threshold is what can easily separate yourself from the rest. Go above and beyond the norm and find ways to mentally tap in an push through when you feel like Quitting! Dig deep an find that second wind! Everyone has one but it's up to you to find it an trust it! #MoneyMonsterMonday #TeamFSP #MotivationMonday
 Nothing like Competition & TeamWork!! No matter what age you are at FSP you are competing!! This group of 10 teamed up for a great team win tonight!! #TeamFSP #EFC #SoccerTraining #SpeedTraining #SpeedNAgility #CompetitionTuesday  The FSP #AthleteOfTheWeek goes to WR @blessedboy_springs10 from New Mexico Highlands Kirt had a phenomenal game snagging 7 catches for 117 yards & 2 touchdowns. Congrats Kirt and Keep Grinding! #TeamFSP #AthleteOfTheWeek

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